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Doug’s Tips & Helps

Here’s a few tips for first time crafters.

When you receive your pattern select the size and thickness of plywood required.

If its a shadow/silhouette pattern…

  1. Cover the area of plywood required with Transfer Paper(Carbon Paper)ink side down, lay the pattern face up on top and trace all the cut lines with a stylus pen, ball point pen or pencil.
  2. Make sure you have all the lines traced, then remove the pattern and transfer paper and cut out with a hand held jig saw and paint black.
  3. If its a colored display, again select the size and thickness of plywood, paint the required area with a white primer paint, after it has dried sand lightly.
  4. Now add the Transfer Paper with the pattern on top (Face Up).
  5. Now trace all the lines, cut lines and color lines.
  6. Remove the pattern and transfer paper.

You now have the display ready to cut out and paint according to the instructions that came with the pattern.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we welcome your feedback!

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