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DT-368 Life-Size Piper Pattern

Trace this full-size pattern onto 3/4″ plywood, cut out with a hand-held jigsaw and paint Stake out in your yard and with some pipe background music you’ll soon have a crowd gathered. Measures almost 8 feet tall..   Yard Projects

DT-358 Scottish Piper Pattern

Make this eye-catching image of a Scottish Piper to stake out in your yard or mount on your porch. Paint as indicated on pattern or use colours of your own choosing to match a preferred kilt.. Measures almost 8 feet tall.

DT-359 Climbing Black Bear Cub Pattern

Passer-bys will surely take a second look when they see this figure of a bear climbing up a tree in your yard or the trellis on side of your home. Easy to cutout and paint using this full-size pattern, plywoodand some paint. Figure measures 29″ Tall by 22″ Wide. Can be painted all black as … Read more

DT-320 Giant Butterfly Collection Pattern

These beautiful, colour-ful Butterflies are sure to be noticed and admired when you display them on a fence, on the trucks of trees or on the side of a building. They measure approx. 16″ Tall by 16″ Wide. Each butterfly comes with its own easy to follow colour schedule . Order CP1824 Carbon Paper to … Read more

UB891 – Water Wheel Plan

Like an old barn or a gently turning windmill, a water wheel is one of those rustic structures that’s familiar and appealing to almost everyone. You can have one in your yard using this plan that includes all the information required to make one.

UB371 – Wishing Well Plan

There is nothing like a wishing well to add a little mysterious charm to the landscape and although this do it yourself version doesn’t hold water , it will add an instant focal point to your yard or garden. The walls are constructed of "bricks" cut from standard 2" x 4" Lumber. Use Redwood, Cedar … Read more

P81P – Beware of Dog Sign

"Trace this full-size pattern onto plywood using Transfer Paper, cut out with a hand-held jig saw and paint as indicated on the pattern or devise your own color combination. Fasten to your gate or door. Measures 16" Tall by 13" Wide. Make it from 1/4" or 1/2" Plywood.

UB823 – Bottoms Up Pattern

The original backside couple. a joy to make and to see. Make this adorable pair from plywood, this traceable pattern and some paint. Easy to make in a week-end. Each figure measures 32" Tall by 20" Wide. Make some as gifts or as sales items at the local farmers market.

UB893 – Three Whirligi Plans.

Make one or all three! As the wind turns the propeller- the fisherman reels i his catch, the cowboy ropes a calf and the pilot of an old fashion Bi-plane gets a bumpy ride. Plan includes complete cutting and assembling instructions . Each whirligig measures approximately 27" long and has a 20" propeller.