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DT-138 – Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights

The Grinch is up to his usual Christmas pranks by stealing your Christmas lights. Make this 47″ Tall image and display it in your yard this Christmas. Easy to make using this full size pattern complete with cutting, painting and staking instructions. Order carbon paper from our ‘Supplies Section’ See DT-329 Grinch Riding Rudy Reindeer … Read more

DT-363 Buckboard Shadow Pattern

An eye-catching reminder of the early days! Make this unique display by simply tracing our full-size pattern onto a sheet of 3/4″ plywood,with the assistance of CP2436 Carbon Paper (Supplies Section), cut out with a hand-held jigsaw and paint as directed on the pattern. Measures approximately 47″ Tall by 95″ Wide.